FITT France est partenaire du ChangeNOW summit

FITT France est partenaire du ChangeNOW summit


The world is facing critical challenges. But nothing we can’t overcome!
All around the globe, inspiring individuals are inventing new solutions, rethinking the way we do business, challenging the status quo. Still, they are too often marginalized, unknown, and struggle to find the support they need to really make a difference.

ChangeNOW celebrates and supports those changemakers.

It is the annual reunion for all enthusiasts who want to shake and shape the world we live in.

To make change real. Now.

FITT France, partenaire de ChangeNOW summit, au Grand Palais, les 30-31 janvier et 1er février 2020, vous invite à découvrir 1000 innovations et entreprises qui changent le monde ! Et rencontrez investisseurs, partenaires, élus, journalistes, talents, pour accélérer vos projets !


Les collaborateurs des entreprises adhérentes à FITT France en 2020 bénéficient de -30% sur les pass individuels : startups, executives, investors, non profits et billets adultes grand public.